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Issue 5 FINAL

Editors' Notes:

Editors' Notes: Issue Five

Special Feature: Traci Brimhall

Beyond the Violence of Memory: Review of Come the Slumberless to the Land of Nod

The Goal of Writing is Being Alive: Interview - Traci Brimhall

How to Sugar for the Atlas | Traci Brimhall

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer: Evan James Sheldon

Featured Nonfiction/Hybrid Writer: K Chiucarello

Featured Poet: Isabelle Baafi


Tongues of Fire | Aurelia Kessler

The woods have always been thinning | Evan James Sheldon

He's Spent Many Years Turning Chickens... | Meredith Wadley


Iodine | K Chiucarello

Firsts | Tyler Dempsey

Cenere | Selby Wynn Schwartz

Skototropism | Courtney Skaggs

Flicker | Lauren Smith


Sister Wives | Isabelle Baafi

Signal Flares to delia . . . | Benjamin Bartu

Readymade | Jennifer Battisti

cotton/mouth | Ally Chua

in an absence of wolves | May Chong 

Afflicted | Barbara Daniels

CHORUS | Katherine Lamb

Toothfairy Nation Wants Bones | Sam J. Grudgings

Issue Five Image Credit: Eel, MrApplegate

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