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Toothfairy Nation Wants Bones | Sam J. Grudgings

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

to make completely certain we weren’t

being too generous. We left IOUs where pillows had been

and took teeth as a deposit.

“To know how to smile

Is to know how to bite joy so it does not leave your mouth”

weary feet became wounds became canines

became desperation. Shoes ate distance leaving bitemarks on further

trying to mouth the word safety in a foreign tongue

“9 Out of 10 dentists

is a majority, ignorance can be democratic”

there are going out of business signs

whitewashed in place of our smiles

there are final reductions on grins in every window

“A million in pennies

is still pennies, they do not speak our currency”

I try to mime that I at least asked for

the dentist not the tooth fairy but my teeth get in

the way of my hands

I expected a better response when I searched

a synonym for a shit eating grin

but all I found was a picture of our shores reading “welcome”

attached, beautifully framed

to a firmly shut door

Sad laureate Sam J Grudgings grew up in the punk scene and found poetry by accident. He can be either be found in his hometown of Bristol or traipsing around the UK yelling his work at audiences because it's cheaper than therapy. There is a prophecy concerning him and the end of the world but he's too polite to ask what the prophecy actually says.

Twitter: @storygiverpoet

Facebook: samjgrudgings



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