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Lammergeier ISSUE 13.png

Editors' Notes:

Editor's Note: Issue 13

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer: June Martin

Featured Nonfiction Writer:  Ashley Boucher

Featured Poet: Amanda Rachel Robins (COMING SOON)


Through the Impossible Door | June Martin

Two Stories | Langdon Hickman


The Neighborhood | Ashley Boucher

Shades | Rebecca Kaiser Gibson


Two Poems | Amanda Rachel Robins

[this poem takes place  . . . | Nevada-Jane Arlow

Rapt #4: Seized | Betsy Bolton

Two Poems | Gabriella Graceffo

Two Poems | BEE LB

Letter to Marie Curie | Tanis MacDonald

Two Poems | Danielle McMahon

DO YOU FEEL THE SAME | Jake Reynolds

Leftover | Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan

Temper | Emmacate Sauer

Organogenesis | Danielle Weeks

Issue 13 is created with love to Eric Carle

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