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Issue 3 Cover

Editors' Notes:

Issue Three

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer | Emily Capettini

Featured Nonfiction/Hybrid Writer | Silvan E. Spicer

Featured Poet | Sara Moore Wagner


Alvy's Amygdaloid Projections | Mileva Anastasiadou

Humans of Late Misery | Mileva Anastasiadou

Daphne Didn't Know... | Emily Capettini

Self-Portrait as Daphne Blake | Emily Capettini

Velma Swing Dances | Emily Capettini

Insomnia | Matthew Wollin


The Daughter Portal | Silvan E. Spicer

A Measuring Rod... | Casey Zella Andrews

After a Mass Shooting... | Jared Povanda


Two Poems | Sara Moore Wagner

Mourning Attired | Kathleen Hellen

The Organism's Phenotype | Kristin LaFollette

Hothouse | Emily Murman

Island Dwarfism | Kunjana Parashar

Two Poems | Corinne Engber

Arachnophilia | Prem Sylvester

99º Fahrenheit | Kavi Kshiraj

Two Poems | Kate Castellana

Issue Three Image Credit: Juvenile Bearded Vulture, Adamantios

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