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Two Poems | Amanda Rachel Robins

Or Do You Not Know Your Body is a Temple

God bless the little buggies that eat of

my flesh & drink my blood. The loving fleas

who nestle their eggs inches above my

frontal lobe. The pious lice in their white

armor. The clever seed ticks who burrow

warmly between my toes. The mosquitoes

too & their hot voices & their hot teeth

sipping along the rim of my knee’s cup.

Bless the brown recluse & the green & yell

ow pus in my leg & the crevice scar.

Bless the ringworm & the red-white halo

on my foot & all the scabs that gather

like manna. Bless each creature who walks my

sleeping tongue & their faith & my moist tomb.

I Can Drive Beside the Church Bells & Wonder


where will i stop for coffee / which fish will

masticate my cup / mother whale belly

& her saltwater tongue / the songs on the

radio don’t make any more sense / but

they are great for snapping / this hand for the

key / this hand for the pepper spray / who will

my rapist be today / the traffic cop

& his withering come hither fingers

/ the cerulean wind / the dentist &

his purple antiseptic fingers / my

dried up lips / today i’m stone teeth rubbing

against my own left cheek / today i’m a

pair of swollen gums floating by a row

of shopping carts / & my graying fingers


/ i can hold this box of crackers / i can

hold this cold peach / i can hold still & wait

a small time longer / if i could read some

thing before dinner / if i could find a

nicer tablecloth / the round bright beeping

/ the yellow light / how many ways to want

before i’m done / to pop the zit in my

ear / to die like a white summer wish / to

wipe my own nose / to die with all my red

showing / for someone to tell me soon / that

my house is clean / that there is something to

do that has nothing to do with me / soon

the blue hinge between evening & bed / then

the gray halo of another morning.

Amanda Rachel Robins works as a teacher in Missouri. Her poetry is published in A-Minor Magazine, Apple Valley Review, Another Chicago Magazine, Sweet Tree Review, The Moth, Literary Mama, and others.

Twitter: @RRobins86



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