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Lammergeier Issue 10.png

Editors' Notes:

Editors' Note: Issue 10

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer: Jack Young

Featured Nonfiction Writer: John Yohe

Featured Poet: Gabrielle Grace Hogan


You Stare like an Oyster . . . | Jack Young

Biology | Sarah Brokamp


Tower Point Lookout | John Yohe

Ants | Melissa Nunez

Two Flash Essays | Lalini Shanela Ranaraja


Love Poem With Piss In It | Gabrielle Grace Hogan

Abalone | Melissa Eleftherion

Approximating Fathoms | Ceridwen Hall

Duplex With Cutting Board | Lyd Havens

The Ark Left the Shore | Eimear Laffan

Notorious B. G. G. | Layla Maher

In Winter | Jaye Nasir

Afterglow | Faye Ng Yu Ci

Aubade With Sex Chat | Nick Politan

He Fed Us As Eagles | Suzanne S. Rancourt

Erasure Poem For Forgiveness . . . | Josh Shepard

But today I am just moving | Julian Szieff

Issue 10 image credit: Atlas moth emerging from cocoon, Sachin Palkar, 2013

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