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Lammergeier, as with so many artistic visions, starts with a bird. Lammergeiers eat almost exclusively bones. Using its large, powerful wings, the lammergeier drops bones from the great heights to crack them open and access the marrow inside. The lammergeier is also renowned for its plumage: brilliant rusty-hued feathers and dark, bristled faces created both by the luck of birth and the wear and tear of its mountain habits. We here at Lammergeier look for the beautiful vulture, the wonder uncovered digging through the grotesque, the sustaining viscera inside the carcass.

Lammergeier is a publication that strives to live the principles of inclusion, equity, and diversity that we would like to see in the literary world. We welcome submissions from everyone, and we especially encourage submissions from authors who identify identify as POC/Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, disabled, neurodivergent, or any other marginalized identity. We are here for work that confounds taxonomy and welcome experimentation with form and genre. We are also open to speculative elements in work so long as they are done with artistic intent. While we seek work that deals with the dirt and grit of real life, we do not accept any work that promotes bigotry and harm against marginalized groups, nor indulges in the spectacle of over-the-top sexual, physical, or emotional violence to people or animals. We do encourage writing that engages with trauma in a thoughtful, sensitive manner but ask that you provide trigger warnings for these subjects before the piece: rape/sexual assault, child abuse, animal abuse, and suicide. We reserve the right to reject any work that does not meet these guidelines.

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