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Editors' Notes:

Editors' Note: Issue 9

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer: Kelle Schillaci Clarke

Featured Nonfiction Writer: Roger Peet

Featured Poet: Gwen Aube


The Broken Toaster | Kelle Schillaci Clarke

Blush | S.E. Hartz


A History of the Mine | Roger Peet

DIRECTOR'S CUT | Sarah Cavar

Erratic | Diana Hurlburt

Contemplating Route 66 | Kim Nelson


Two Poems | Gwen Aube

Three Poems | M. Cynthia Cheung

night | J.I. Kleinberg

My Father But Better | Caely McHale

Two Poems | Susan Moon

At her bachelorette party | Max Orr

chores | nicholas w

Caprine | Jade Yeung

Issue Eight Image Credits: Orion Nebula, 2006

and Blue Ribbon Eel (Richard Zerpe, 2014)

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