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Two Poems | Gwen Aube

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

rockwitch superstar

i heard rocks actually die & it is the most painful death: stretched-thin screaming ageless choirs of the underneath below root river bridge boat girl sun and even all light entirely forgotten limp lying amidst the lava birds the low hum of pain the deep fuck of everyone dead sunk the secret low friends sad rocks are screaming with and not at them in the underneath where the slow pain is, teething small molars on the ur ow-fuck where the butch pain is, seething smoke slime spit dust chalk that draws impossible hop scotch and coughs rust

the woman who told me this about rocks wore a bird mask

so after she told me she was actually able to fly away

because the bird mask made her go actually sky bird as fuck like plastic bird surgery, or in the sky i guess, or like in this thing that actually happened, ask the angels

Bird-girl called down Raphael to cry his chiseled jaw wet

eyes to the lava-sea far-off deeper glinting sad slow nodding -- Bird-girl calls to him and he comes to her invites her inside him under his starlight preens her after in the moonlight,

kissing-better beaches of sifted memories too sun-hot for soft lips

best dress i ever bought

[ in the day recounted in this poem

i had not shaved / had stubble ]

i am so pretty & the smell of tomato mould

red asploded on my blushy face & best dress

i ever bought, at the vintage shop, purple silk

where the store owner did sissy tropes

at me from CD geocities 1993 --

doesnt that feel soooo soft on your legs? so smooth? it just glides on your skin

& it did & O she probably met sioxsie sioux at some party in london ontario & O she prolly

shook hands with genesis once & O whatever

old bat im pretty too

i got the dress & sat at the river

with my best friend forever &

we cackled from the blue below

at pomp undersides of seagull thieves

their give-fuck-less clever amber beaks

gleaming like swords in the sunlight

Gwen Aube is a poet and vandal from Windsor, Ontario. Her work can be found here in Lammergeier Magazine, her very first publication!

Instagram: @gwendolyssa

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