Summer 2020

Editors' Notes:

Editors' Note: Issue 6

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer: Molly Earner

Featured Nonfiction/Hybrid Writer: Katie Quinnelly

Featured Poet: A.M. Hooft


The Thing That Crouched. . . | Molly Earner

Two Stories | Matthew Burnside


Pandemic Baby | Katie Quinnelly

Utter: otter | Cai Draper

choke | Lindz McLeod


Two Poems | A.M. Hooft

Sonnet | Nicholas Bon

Exposure | Rosa Canales

Driving Recklessly While Listening . . . | Alex Dang

June in Manila | Krysta Frost

The Devil's Blueprints | M. Brett Gaffney

Study of an Ant on Stilts | Caleb Jay Howard

During the Long Sickness | Gary Leising

If Gregor Samsa Was a Girl | Megan Mary Moore

from Flatbottom Inlaws | Grace Rogers




Issue Six Image Credit: Spotted Garden Eel (Cyanea lamarckii) of Sumida Aquarium, Toshihiro Gamo