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The Devil's Blueprints | M. Brett Gaffney

So much of our violence happens in the wings,

unscripted. Under the bed. Inside the closet.

Where the monsters breathe. Secret even when

we speak their names. What can I say about

a story that leaves me so soft with praise

for pure evil? Dear God, release the demons,

the real bloody mary bloody mary fuckers

that give us something to point at and say

your fault say unholy spirit we cast you out!

What are we left without them? Our own sins

bright as a mother’s grief. Headless daughters.

The terrible truth that our bodies are made

of pieces. The helplessness of a good house.

Give me the devil. I can’t sit in this dark theater

without him. Please tell me there’s a reason

families devour themselves whole, for blood

so dark it looks like tar. Tell me there’s

an infernal design. Something I can trace

with the tips of my trembling fingers.

Show it to me and don’t hold anything back.

M. Brett Gaffney holds an MFA in Poetry from Southern Illinois University. Her chapbook, Feeding the Dead (Porkbelly Press), was nominated for a 2019 Elgin Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. She works as co-editor of Gingerbread House Literary Magazine and writes about scary stuff on her blog at No Outlet Horror Reviews.


Instagram: @lovelyquixote



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