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Issue 12 Cover.png

Editors' Notes:

Editor's Note: Issue 12

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer: Helena Pantsis

Featured Nonfiction Writer:  Karlo Yaeger Rodríguez

Featured Poet: Brendan Joyce


Big Red | Helena Pantsis

Imagine Being Fifteen... | Hannah Cajandig-Taylor

Playing Beelzebub | Donna Huneke 


Disintegration Loops | Karlo Yaeger Rodríguez

winter morning getting blood drawn | Jodi Bosin


Dispatches | Brendan Joyce

Dream Homes | E. Jesse Capobianco

Tell the Children I was Ill | Anastasia DiFonzo

Nordlys | Ren Gay

In this space of twilight and rituals | David Greenspan

Purgatorio | Matthew Moniz

Expectant | Sophie Panzer 

I Never Think a Demon Particularly Tall | Lauren Paredes

The Second Person | Byron Xu

If God Were a Blueberry Milkshake | Daniel Zhang

Issue 12 image credit: Swamp 1, Flickr user ctj71081

Issue 12 is created with love to Arnold Lobel

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