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Dream Homes | E. Jesse Capobianco

you remember that saying about molasses

the part about moving slowly like

in a dream like I was in molasses and

he yums up a glass of milk as he says it

well this is like that but the molasses

is real molasses and the bark dark

a little chunky gunk more sticky than

anything like dropping a watch back

over a timezone

and so it’s hard

to move at all and my fingernails

will never be pretty again I hear a bright

whimper is it the limp horn boomer

of the second coming is it a tummy

wanting hot meat wanting molasses

E. Jesse Capobianco is a Chicago-based poet. He has received graduate degrees from the Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven in Belgium and George Mason University’s MFA, where he completed theses on poetic epistemologies and hypnotic hermeneutics, respectively. His work has been published in Barrelhouse, Puerto del Sol, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, The Cardiff Review, and elsewhere.

Instagram: @sadstorkchannel



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