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Lammergeier Magazine, Issue 11

Editors' Notes:

Meet the New Associate Editors!

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer: Jared Povanda

Featured Nonfiction Writer:  Ashley Somwaru

Featured Poet: Grayson Del Faro


Hen of the Woods | Jared Povanda

Crone Body | Alix Laimite


Please Check . . .  | Ashley Somwaru

Matrilineal | Daliah Angelique

Bread Still Raw | Jamie Good


ad2021.docx / ap2021.docx | Grayson Del Faro

mavericks | Isaac Akanmu

The Death Scholar | Elliott Orchard-Blowen

To call this body a country | Martins Deep

Vidalia | Sian M. Jones

Fish Bones | Lorraine Henrie Lins

the poet at the end of the world . . . | Monica Robinson

Still More Beautiful | Taylor Zhang

Two Poems | Kelsey Zimmerman

Issue 11 Image credit: ATLAS MOTH, Joanjoche, 2014

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