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Issue 4 FINAL

Editors' Notes:

Editor's Notes: Issue Four

Featured Interviews:

Featured Fiction Writer | Francisco Delgado

Featured Poet | Taylor Byas

Featured Nonfiction/Hybrid | Zack Haber


Altitude | Melissa Benton Barker

We Went to the Microzoo | Ashley Burnett

Animals | Francisco Delgado

Hot Rain | Sylvan Lebrun


Horrible Places | Zack Haber

Flat Stanley Binge Re-Watches Dexter | Jennifer A. Howard

My Grandmother Doesn't Think Much Of Me | Kelcee Sykes

When You Called from the Public . . . | Jaya Wagle


Two Poems | Taylor Byas

Monotreme Dreams | Rachel Feder

Feast | Kari A. Flickinger 

Two Poems | John LaPine

starry order— | Josh Lipson

The girl at the gas station . . .  | McCaela Prentice

Black Cloud Cairo | Rushda Rafeek

Altar | Adrian Sanders

Two Poems | Clara Bush Vadala

There's Another Word for This | Jesslyn Whittell




Issue Four Image Credit:  Bearded Vulture Bartgeier,  

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