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cotton/mouth | Ally Chua

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


split in the desert, & them

teeth-shaped scales.

pick, loose

scabs, bits of white

blazing virginal summer

i hack

& only bile comes up

i hack,

& pluck open a fruit.

in the backyard, dog foams at lip

bound by a collar i am bound by collars

cuffed round my ankles, round my mouth

dogged picking.

soft, flesh

dry as the sahara

and by god, the rattle of a

whip in the distance

cottonmouth– a venomous

snake found in south-

eastern united states; also a

medical symptom

Viewing this poem on mobile? Check out the PDF version to see the poem with its original formatting.

Ally Chua is a Singaporean poet. She works in the communications industry, and writes when she's not replying emails within seven working days. She is the 2019 Singapore Unbound Fellow for New York City, and a member of local writing collective /s@ber. Ally has been published in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Cordite Poetry Review, and SingPoWriMo: The Anthology 2018.

An avid solo traveler and reader, Ally finds inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including her travels, Richard Siken's words, the lyrics of Brian Fallon, and zombie video games.



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