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in an absence of wolves | May Chong

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

There are two cats, yowling like

it’s a full time living.

A pair of beetles, blister,

bluster and blood. Two bowls

of your favourite soup. Five

cups ringed with sweet old aches.

Two hawkmoths, trailing tuberose breaths.

Uncategorized bookshelves. Shoes

with broken soles. A clatter

of greasy dishes. Freshly minted

sand-dollars. A geode that does not

know the hammer. A sweater buckling

under its own fragrance. A scrap

of blue baby sky. The orchid and

the oxeye. There are two slugs

unsticking in apology.

Every little brown bird

you’ve seen in this lifetime, and

their songs. There are two seeds

waiting for the shock of water.

May Chong is a Malaysian poet, spec writer, and 2019 Rhysling Award nominee. Her work has previously been featured in Strange Horizons, Apparition Literary, The Willowherb Review and RECLAIM: An Anthology of Women's Poetry. May loves great stories, good cheese, social justice and the worst possible puns.

Twitter: @maysays

Facebook: maychongwrites



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