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War Boys | Carolyn Janecek

an ode to Mad Max: Fury Road


split gash slit rash roadborn roadskinned witness witness

this causticvein sandpapered rawedflesh guzzoling spitfire

tantrum awaited vibrationheart sizzletongue witness me

bloodshot carvedout musclemapped aquacola quagmire

rage rage we’re muzzlespit firelungs witness me blackthumb


brakeless break less tender charcoaled teeth we unshiny

kamikrazee weepingsores halflives brokendown and chromed

V8 V8 V8 sing brothers this trembled drumbeat snapskulled

for a bulletcrowned king we’re bodywept witnesses

witness our splintermouthed longing

Carolyn Janecek is a Czech-American writer, poetry MFA candidate at Colorado State University, and assistant managing editor at Colorado Review. Carolyn’s writing has been featured in The Florida Review, Permafrost, and ellipsis… literature & art, among others.

Instagram @c.e.writespoems



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