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Two Poems | Alec Prevett

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

Poem With Dysphoria and Nephew

Children love to fail because they are so good at it

My nephew: he will plan out meticulously

every curve of his train track

then destroy it to generate a new plan

He will survey the room the pieces of track

and say in his bright voice

shameless as the sun

Here’s what we’re gonna do

Each night I construct myself a self

I dream of the body I would stitch together

had I the pieces the way it would fit

like a ripe tomato or a wet slab of play

in the hands of others

and when the morning comes I am always exhausted

by my futile work always heavier always samefull

The plants know this struggle

Every tree works hard to birth its leaves

exactly right and still must forfeit

every effort no matter how fruitful

back to the earth in fall


Every spring is one long dream

for an oak

Becoming Delicate

Like all those before me, my teeth

fell from my mouth

as berries fall from the bush:

swollen begging

to be put between the lips

the barren lips. Finally, I thought

I can value the softness

of a thing. The Moon:

no longer

a stale crescent roll, a wheel

of hard cheese. At last, I can point to it


Look, the Banana!

I can I have permission to


the smush of it

in my hand, be shocked

by the ease of that.

How simple now, to take

from the bastard sky.

No I do not miss it

my smile do not

crave that familiar curling.

Without my teeth to dam the river

of this my mouth

my lips are so quenched

so fuller than ever.

At last, I feel

as all those beforeme

asa redtulip


Alec Prevett has had several dreams in which their teeth fall out. Their recent poems are featured in or forthcoming from Hobart, The Shore, Redivider, and others. They are pursuing an MFA in fiction from Georgia State University.

Twitter: @alphabetbutgood

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