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Mississippi Silver Alert | Clay Cantrell

they saw her in the reeds

a kind of mosaic influence

the events of her life

had been described as nervous

the small phases, shuffling,

past electric buildings,

injected her with a taste

for neglected paintings, dogs

she was reconstructed via valium

the chronology of her escape

is subject to debate but verdant

retention pond grass

shone a bright corona

her shadow, they said, did not

expand in the sunlight

she experienced mournful heaves

as the evenings progressed

the poor neglected mother

she’d burned her hair her dress

later, when our tears swam

down the netted sod,

into mosaic-looking ponds

the news of her arrest

clotted our eardrums

lay waste to lunar battlefields

we grow old and death

laps blood at the doorstep

Clay Cantrell holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Memphis. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Sycamore Review, New Delta Review, Crazyhorse, The Journal, and elsewhere.



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