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Lazarus | Alana Solin

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

one fight, i aimed my horns at my big sister’s stomach

            & charged     wind charging through my hair

like pipes suckling a rollercoaster                & i wanted her fear

            unbridled     refocusing my handheld telescope

so she           at the junction saw        me & down the stairs

            fell away so i twisted out of focus to whine    & the recovery

mom allowed me to lather on her bed    was marble

            like lazarus the dog stillborn    scooped up

no slither in the whelping box no pinch               to the neck no oven

            or the oven is overburdened         no his life is a mystery to me.   

of his thousand sisters i am only one or two     rabid & a member

            of the dog’s choir nickering my solo    overstated.

as namesakes he & i nudge or slop      when nudged, slopped, to prove

            our reincarnation i ready my dumb mouth for a kiss      & he dreams

& run-dreams     one cheek billowing up his tooth          which decays. 

Alana Solin studied English and Creative Writing at Columbia University, where she edited for the undergraduate literary magazine 4X4. She hopes to apply for and complete an MFA in poetry. Currently she reads poetry submissions for the journal Nat. Brut, writes online poetry study guides, and works in a cafe. She was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey. 



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