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Jeopardy! | Eva Swiecki

A hollow stomach is more

apparent at night. Darkness precedes

a desire to be full again.




there was a time we were over-

dosing on satisfaction: when we sat

on the couch and watched Jeopardy!,

believing that if we shouted out answers

instinctively, we’d get more of them right.


there was always


you began to take your time to consider,

and lost not only the relief of a solution,

but the primality in a guttural attempt: the heart in it.

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Eva Swiecki is a Chicago poet and organizer. She is a co-creator of the writing critique group Study Hall Workshops, and has been published in Hooligan Magazine and Wild Roof Journal. When she isn't writing, painting, or scheming, she's at home rearranging the furniture.

Twitter: @ESwiecki

IG: @localwoman_

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