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In Winter | Jaye Nasir

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

When we slept it was in tombs.

We ate only dust bunnies and other

dust animals, stray beads and pens

and nickels lost beneath sofa cushions.

We read only folded up notes left in

pockets, old grocery and to-do lists,

sudden strokes of insight someone

wished not to forget but did. When

we brushed our hair pearls fells out,

as well as toads, newts, small snakes

and other slimy creatures commonly

associated with witchcraft. When we

spoke it was in the animal language

of scent, and when we had sex we

called it “making love,” because we

took medicine to keep from making

children, but we didn’t want the act

to be construed as futile. We were

creating something. With each breath

and shudder some hot spirit was

burned briefly into the cold world.

Jaye Nasir is a prose and poetry writer based in Portland, OR. Her work is forthcoming in Echoverse Anthology.



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