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Domestic Magic | Emily Hockaday

I bite my tongue clean off

in my sleep and wake

with the dumb slug of it

on the pillow. The night fills

my mouth, warm and thick.

As the days get longer,

witching hour moves

to accommodate the light.

Witching makes its own

light. The tongue elongates

and slithers to my sleeping husband’s

ear. It is poised on the edge.

Do I tell him? The bloody

but mundane spells

that keep this family thriving?

Emily Hockaday’s second collection, In a Body, is forthcoming with Harbor Editions October 2023. Her first full-length, Naming the Ghost, debuted with Cornerstone Press in September 2022. She is the author of six poetry chapbooks, most recently Beach Vocabulary out from Red Bird Chaps & Name this Body from Thrash Press. Emily writes about ecology, parenthood, chronic illness, grief, and the urban environment. You can find Emily on the web at or @E_Hockaday.



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