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But today I am just moving | Julian Szieff

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I am shifting through the mulch,

searching for chanterelles

on the breathless forest floor,

and thinking of Claudia

lying on a not so different bed.

Deep lie the mycelia here,

wet and taking life

from the dying,

a spiky fetid stillness broken

by a struggling wind,

the branches heavy today.

I know mushrooms hide

beneath this decay,

there is a fruitful tomorrow

from this rot and rancor,

but today I am just moving

the dead and dying.

Julian Szieff is a medical school student and a lover of nature. One of his greatest achievements was winning his 6th-grade poetry competition. He writes about medicine, compassion, and community. Find more of his work at

Twitter: @JulianSzieff



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