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At Peace | Kyra Spence

they had captured the dog

decoy from the geese fields and

were using long strips of t shirt to

slingshot it from between the trees as far

she was taking a break to smoke

when she saw them all

hands on the wooden dog

the t shirts were not very stretchy

the dog not gaining much air

they kept trying and trying

the dog kept falling

inside, in very small letters on the wall:

one day my essence will come back

and I will sit in my skin at peace

hard to see maybe but essence was there

moving out over the geese fields

rustling between shadow grasses

spreading and darkening the sky to purple

down the road past the empty middle school,

through the stone tunnel, the train stop,

to the strip malls of dentists

wings and beer, insurance agents, maybe not

in her but still there

essence found a way over the asphalt

under the exhaust so everything

that hurt in the air, everything held off

hard to say how but

the wooden dog was flying

Kyra Spence is a poet from Pennsylvania. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Parentheses, Mantis, Bennington Review, and elsewhere. She received her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop and teaches at the University of Iowa.



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