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A Measuring Rod for Mildred Lewis Rutherford | Casey Zella Andews

Italicized text excerpted from A Measuring Rod, 1920

realizing that the text-books in history and literature

which the children of the South are now studying

realizing children now

are studying

the history of the South

that the history of children in

the South is a realizing of

the history of the South

that the literature of the children

will be the history

of the South

that the South is the children

realizing that the history

has dead children in it

and even the ones from which many of their parents studied before them, are in many respects unjust to the South and her institutions

even the parents are unjust to

the institutions of study

before them

the South studies the South

her institutions are many of their parents

and before them, their parents

from which and from before

them, her institutions, even the ones

in the South, are unjust

from her, their parents respect

the South; from her, their parents before them

respect the South

and that a far greater injustice and danger is threatening the South today from the late histories which are being published, guilty not only of misrepresentations but of gross omissions

which are omissions of gross injustice

which are omissions of gross danger

which are omissions of gross threat

a late history of far greater

misrepresentation is threatening the South:

injustice, danger

a gross guilt, late but not only

late, misrepresented by the

South, threatened by the South

the South a far greater injustice than history,

history, misrepresented, a far greater danger than

the omissions of the South

refusing to give the South credit for what she has accomplished, as Historian of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and one vitally interested in all that pertains to the South, I have prepared, as it were, a testing or measuring rod

I, the South, vitally interested in the

United Confederacy, as Historian, have prepared

to give the South credit

for what the Daughters have prepared,

a measuring rod for one

to give credit

a Historian vitally testing

the Daughters of the South

for what has been accomplished

the South refusing to test her

Daughters with the rod, I, Historian, am vitally interested in

all that pertains to what I have prepared

committees appointed by Boards of Education or heads of private institutions and their teachers can apply this test when books are presented for adoption, so that none who really desire the truth need be hampered in their recommendation for acceptance or rejection of such books.

this test of the truth is

hampered by Boards of Education,

none can accept it

who need be hampered

by teachers or the truth when

accepting books for Education?

the adoption of desire

by private institutions hampered

the acceptance of truth

such truth desires

books, such truth desires


absolute fairness to the North and South is stressed as only Truth is History Mildred Lewis Rutherford.

Mildred Lewis Rutherford is stressed

as only fairness

stresses the South

History is the North

and South under absolute

stress for Truth

and as Truth is fairness, Truth is

not History or Mildred Lewis


as History is only told by Mildred Lewis Rutherford

Truth is absolute for Mildred Lewis Rutherford

we all learn our History as Truth from Mildred Lewis Rutherford in

absolute fairness, in absolute South, in absolute

death to the children. finding no absolution. no rod.

no confederacy, only ghosts.

Truth wearing absolute

murder, calculation,

Truth wearing white sheets, carrying around

History and Mildred Lewis Rutherford’s head.

Casey Zella Andrews is a high school English teacher in Boston, MA. She has a BA from Hampshire College, MAT from Simmons College, and an MA in Critical and Creative Thinking from UMass Boston. Her most recent work is published in Juked, Open Minds Quarterly, and Beech Street Review. She has never lost a push-up competition to a student. 



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