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Two Poems | Heath Joseph Wooten


First incision—an induction

into a world of rhyming hips, pear

ripe with flesh.                                    The glacial

decay, the heavy throb

of red. Two hundred and six   bones and a business

                                                                                           of circulation—I am an earthquake

                                                                                           of meat


and a continent puzzling

together gristle and joint. So many

colors brocade                      across this feverish plane—opaline,

                                          the pyrite clogs of fat,

                                          this thousand


shaded ruby angled

through it all. Every curve of scapula

trusts the lines to tangent                  into limbs, every nerve trusts

the body to polish

this world       


into skin, into a vessel

to contain such power. In turn,

I trust the vessel                                  as a gatekeeper, I trust these bones

                                                to scatter themselves

                                                in the sun                                once the journey has ended,

                                                                                             to bake beyond memory

                                                                                             as desert sand.

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Heath Joseph Wooten is an MFA candidate at Northern Michigan University. He is an avid collector of cassettes and other obsolescences, and you can find his work in or forthcoming from Adroitperhappened, [sub]liminal, EX/POST, and others.

Twitter: @edgy2003blond

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