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Two Poems | M. Eileen

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

[it would be heroic]

if she could act about the bee sting. if she could show the bones. if she could break the skin. if she could run, run run. hit along the way. duck cover burrow in sewers stalk in treetops. breathe every day. sleep soundly. keep breathing. breathe. be conscientious. run. run run run run run. stay focused. not stop. lie through a submissive smile and perhaps a curtsey. give them nothing they want while letting them think they aren’t losing a thing. never let them realize they are losing anything. then they cry. that’s unnecessary noise, run run ru r. wait for fir lakes to freeze and glide across them like a breath of wind,


During the homily,

I found your reincarnation and

covered my teeth.

Last night, your ghost, a sheath

kneeled against the

arm and ivy of the

floral couch, sour colored beside the

elbow of the staircase, screaming

It’s only ever me.

At times I think I can make out the

fishy smell of the springtime trees and

your eyes, wide as the moon and

dark as the dirt it shines upon,

gazing into my body, reflected golden in

goldenrod in both eyes.

You beckon at the windowsill.

My feet kick to come to you.

There’s a stranger in your seat and

in two years he will drown me.

M. Eileen writes near water. Her poetry and prose have been featured in Hanging Loose, After the Pause, and elsewhere.

Twitter: @m_e_g_writes

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