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RSVP to a Party at the End of the World (an announcement)

Dear Scavengers,

The first seeds for Lammergeier germinated in a too-bright office somewhere in Northern Michigan. It was 2016ish (time was slippery in a different way back then) when Ashely, Ethan and I recounted our respective work with Passages North--what we loved, what we'd do differently, which weird thing we fought for that would have escaped the cutting room floor if WE'D been the ones in charge. Our vision was to marry our respective loves for the strange and beautiful with our deeply held belief in equity and justice, both within and outside of the insular world of the literary community.

Three years later, the result was the first issue of Lammergeier. Since then, we've curated fifteen stellar issues, interviewed giants and giants in the making like Amorak Huey, Traci Brimhall, and Taylor Byas, held workshops, created the widely circulated Lit Mag Crash Course, and raised hundreds for charities like RAICES, the Navajo Water Project, and the First Alaskans Institute. We've published work from six continents and more than a dozen countries. Perhaps most importantly, we've collected a community of weirdos who trust us with their work, who trust us with their friends' work.

We have such big plans, but beloveds, we're tired, and it's time for us to rest.

This letter is to announce that after the publication of Issue 16, Lammergeier will be going on indefinite hiatus to give our editorial staff the chance to pursue other projects and ways to bring our plans for this little magazine to fruition.

But we don't plan to go out unless we'll go out in style, which is why we're inviting you to the launch of our final issue, Party at the End of the World. We're leaving it all on the table, with stellar work and plenty of treats to tide readers over into the new year. We hope you'll join us in gladness. We hope you'll remember us fondly while we tuck our beaks into our wings and say goodnight.

In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing more info about our party, as well as reaching out to past contributors regarding the status of their work. However, we'd like to make one thing clear now: The Lammergeier Website is Not Going Anywhere. We've been entrusted to care for this work, and we plan to keep the website up indefinitely so authors have a chance to display it.

That's all for now, flock. I hope you grab your noisemakers. We'll see you next month.

Happy Scavenging, Jacqueline, Ashely, Ethan, Emory, and Randi

The Lammergeier Team



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