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Jon Does 68 Damage. . . | Chloe N. Clark

Jon Does 68 Damage in Call of Duty and Says to Write It Down

Battle Royales only ever have one map

and it’s always an island

because there has to be an end,

a point where you stop running

and maybe your team isn’t

great, maybe you mostly

hide. Maybe the damage

you do is damage

that doesn’t kill. I have a friend

who believes that everything

we do is damage to ourselves

no matter how fun, no matter

how inconsequential

that cup of coffee

that walk in the sun

that game

it all adds up

eventually, like how

the news tells us

the worst in daily increments

how a little bit each

day never seems as bad

as it could get

In wargames, they add your score

at the end, all the damage you’ve done,

the tasks you’ve completed,

and the number seems

so simple—

an arithmetic of what

we so willingly

give to one another.

Chloe N. Clark is the author of Collective Gravities, Your Strange Fortune, the forthcoming Escaping the Body, and more. She is co-EIC of Cotton Xenomorph, teaches, and can be found on Twitter.

Twitter: @PintsNCupcakes



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