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If I Change My Name to Sebastian | Hale

Listen to Rachmaninoff's Vocalise ― 

the cello; most like the human voice,

bound with ropes of pockmarked melancholy,

― as I smash my head through a pane of glass

my timeline tangled puzzle laid bare

I’ve answered the riddle wrong

I’ve chosen ill at the crossroads

The liar lies in a hundred little reflections

I’ve been shredded into all-seeing splinters

Third & fourth & fifth eyes in the mirror

Are trapped by sharp edges & pierce

Classics and canvas in the fleshy negative space

Meat between metacarpals

― Yes, I hold my own hand ― 

I am an arrow in

Sebastian’s side

I don’t believe, but

oh grit, oh god ―  snapped bowstring ― 


Let me be named Saint too

Hale is a non-binary, white/latino writer and an undergrad at the University of Michigan. They have published poetry in Corvid Queen and have short fiction forthcoming in the BITTER+SWEET zine. Besides poetry and short stories, they also develop interactive fiction, because they need as many mediums as possible to help put a name to their nest in identity limbo.

Twitter: @haleandwellmet



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