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Editors' Notes: Issue 2

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Ashely: Hello again flock! While getting out the first issue is always exciting, you can't help but worry how you're going to sustain the momentum into the future. I'm happy to say that you all continue to wow us with your support. Reading through the nonfiction queue this time around, I saw a brilliant resistance to the expected forms you see from essay and memoir. Bust the taxonomy 2019!

Jacqueline: happy June, my dark and dear ones. Thank you for sticking with us while we underwent a few aesthetic changes designed to make this magazine as beautiful as it can be. For me, this issue was especially hard-won: I make no secret of the fact that I struggle with mental illness, and the past few months have involved staring down one Impossible Task™️ after another. When I look at the poems in this issue, I'm reminded of the tremendous grace we extend one another in these moments of pain, of the searching we do on the way back to some approximation of our better selves. I hope that reading this issue gives you an idea of the radical tenderness of these poems, and of the joy I feel in getting to share them. Thank you for joining us for Issue 2.

Ethan: I was surprised by how the fiction in this issue built upon the foundation of the previous issue and took it in a new direction. If each of our stories is a bone, then the pieces in this one are strange and wondrous in shape and form, with functions far more complex than one would expect. There's a synergy between the work of Meg Sipos and Samuel J. Fox that is made all the more fantastic for the fact that it's entirely coincidental. I'd like to thank them for making this issue live up to the first, and to my fellow editors for being unconditionally amazing both in their support and their own efforts.



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