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Creatures Across the Street | Raymond Luczak

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

i dreamed of stumbling down

the steep incline of the cave-ins

finding a hidden cave and

an extremely tall creature covered with thick fur

bright eyes of curiosity and tenderness

he would hear my nasal voice

and see the strange things in my ears

he would know i wasn’t like the other humans

who came down here to get high

the creature would gesture no speech

which would be fine as i was deaf

i would teach him the manual alphabet

but he’d have no use for words at all

he’d gesture hunger, cold, rain

i’d laugh when he tries to explain

how awful humans are

he’d light up understanding

we are one and the same

always hunted and haunted

Raymond Luczak is the author and editor of 22 books. Titles forthcoming in 2019 include Flannelwood (Red Hen Press) and Lovejets: Queer Male Poets on 200 Years of Walt Whitman (Squares & Rebels). He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Twitter: @deafwoof

Facebook: @Raymondsbooks



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