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Arabian Horse / अरबी घोड़ा | TJ Luthra

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Helter-skelter running wild

in one direction

bowing down

and without a question.

It is enough now

with one hand, I will gouge

these eye dimming, horse-blinds

with the second, throw off the strangling saddle

and with the third, pierce

the rein ruling the tongue

cut off the truss,

with the fourth,

unleash the misleading stirrup,

with the fifth

and set free, my existence.

Next, I rear up, to topple

phony canons

wisdom rotten, devotion unproven

and whimsical reign.

Then, I astride on myself

and challenge you, smilingly

come, now, let's run!

with our own strength,

each one.

बेतहाशा भागते-ढोहते

एक ही दिशा में

होकर नतमस्तक

और बिना किये प्रश्न.

बहुत हो चुका अब

एक हाथ से नोच लूँ

आँखें बुझाती चमड़े वाली ऐनक

दूसरे से उतार फेंकूँ

दम घोंटती काठी

तीसरे से चीर दूँ

ज़ुबान खींचती लगाम

चौथे से काट दूँ मुश्कें

पाँचवें से खोल दूँ

भ्रमित करती रकाब

और स्वतंत्र कर दूँ

अपनी पहचान.

फिर एक छलांग से

पटक दूँ धरती पर

नक़ली नियम

घोटा हुआ ज्ञान

अपरीक्षित श्रद्धा

और मनमानी सत्ता.

औरख़ुद सवार हो अपने पर,

कहूँ तुम्हें, मुस्कुरा कर

आऔ, अब दौड़े

अपने अपने दम पर.

While examining relationships between self and the world, Tajender Singh Luthra (TJ) observes and sketches human quest, pain, and struggle for equality in life. His poems are a lifelong journey of raising questions for self-examination and searching for evidence and acceptance. They unravel the complexities of human existence, destiny, and dignity and find intense thoughts, human feelings, emotions, and psychological tendencies. His first poetry collection - "Assi Ghat Ka Bansuri Wala" - in the Hindi language was published by Rajkamal Prakashan, India, in 2012.

Twitter: @LuthraTJ



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