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Altar | Adrian Sanders

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In the water, my brother & I play preacher: my right hand cupping

the nape of his neck

my left hand over his left hand pinching his nose shut so as not to choke on

the tadpoles.

He anticipates a shifting

even with our feet stuck

sturdy in the creek’s bed

& my knees tight like burl on an oak tree & my grip burning temporary red

freckles into his neck.

I raise my finger tips to the sky

in preparation for

the blessing

& he says sissy, please don’t

let me


Viewing this poem on a mobile device? Read the poem with formatting intact in this PDF.

Adrian Sanders is a poet, mail-slinger, and horror lover from Upton, KY. Her work has appeared in GASHER, Indiana Review Online, Jelly Bucket, and more.

Twitter: @adrianbreanna



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